The deadline for submitting claims has now passed. The forms below are provided for use by class members who have received notice that a previously-submitted claim was insufficient.

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Standard claim form
Non-Standard claim form
Repair Facility Declaration
Repair Facility Closed Declaration

If your vehicle had more than 120,000 miles when the plugs were replaced, you must also include the More Than 120,000 Miles Declaration. PLEASE NOTE: A Spark Plug Replacement that was performed after your Vehicle had 120,000 miles is only eligible for potential reimbursement if (1) it was the first spark plug replacement performed on the Vehicle during your ownership; (2) you were instructed by an authorized Ford dealership to wait to replace the spark plugs in your Vehicle, (3) you can identify the authorized Ford dealership that instructed you to wait; and (4) you can provide documentation showing that you took your Vehicle to the identified authorized Ford dealership between 90,000 and 120,000 miles.

More than 120,000 miles Declaration